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Who we are

We are Agenda. We are Vic Barlow, Becky Slack and a network of brilliant, talented comms folk.

You may know us as Slack Communications; you may have worked with us over the last 10 years, heard us speak at events, or followed us on social.

We’ve been embracing change over recent months. Our leadership team has grown. We’ve got new services, new skills, new knowledge – all of which we’re looking forward to sharing with you under our new name, Agenda.

Welcome to Agenda.

Our name and look are different, but you can expect the same energy, culture of cooperation, and commitment to your success that we’ve always offered.

When you work with us, you get:

  • Your very own team of comms professionals who have exactly the skills you require, built around your goals and budget.

  • A programme of work tailored to your specific needs. We always work with you, rather than doing stuff to you, drawing on the latest insight, learnings from others, and our collective experiences to create significant and sustainable impact.

  • A partner in comms whose values match your own, acting as a compass for all we say and do. You can read more about what we stand for.

Our team

When you work with Agenda, you access a pool of highly skilled, experienced communications professionals.

Our history

Agenda is the new name for Slack Communications, a strategic communications agency with a 10-year track record.