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Our sectors

You’re proud of the work you do and it deserves to be celebrated.

You want to take bold, transformative steps towards a sustainable and resilient world.  

You believe in balancing economic, environmental and social priorities.  

You want your team and your members, service users and clients to be healthy, happy and prosperous.  

Since 2013, we’ve worked with social impact organisations like yours, in the UK and further afield.

Agenda can help. 

Victoria helped us to to create a communications plan to expand our networks. She supported us to find ways to increase membership through audience segmentation, improve stakeholder engagement, and raise our profile through social and traditional media. She delivered a bespoke training package to our team – which was well pitched, engaging and has had a long term impact on practice.

Education, training and employment

We’ve worked with schools, MATs and education providers, education unions, literacy organisations, education campaigners and teacher trainers. We know education journalists, policymakers and other influencers.

Energy and the environment

We’ve secured tier-one media coverage for environmental tech companies, chaired government-level events on energy and the environment, and written communication strategies for global climate change organisations.

Fundraising and philanthropy

We’ve worked to improve standards in fundraising, shared insights into the drivers of philanthropy, and have used our expertise and creativity to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for good causes.

Good tech

We believe in the power of good tech to change the world. We’ve written editorial and chaired political level events on clean tech, green tech and healthcare tech, and have secured national, local and specialist media coverage for tech business incubators and tech entrepreneurs.

Health and social care

We have experience with communications in primary health, mental health, adult and children’s social care, and with specific illnesses and conditions, including cancer, diabetes and disabilities.

Heritage, arts & culture

We’ve written strategies, delivered key messaging workshops and enhanced storytelling abilities for organisations that protect heritage sites, that conserve local environments and which bring theatre, creativity and joy to children and adults in the UK and further afield.

Human rights

From refugee rights to tackling Holocaust distortion; from tackling discrimination to exercising freedom of speech, we have a proven track record of bringing these important issues to light.

International trade & aid

We have worked with organisations that provide trade and aid to international communities. This includes management consultancies who open up markets in emerging economies, aid agencies and crisis response organisations that respond to natural and man-made disasters.

Medicine and science

We have worked with medical charities, membership bodies for scientists and pharmacy technicians, and organisations that work within research and development. We’ve helped them with strategy, PR, editorial and public affairs.

Peace, justice & strong institutions

We work with organisations that build peace around the world, that reduce violence against women, and which campaign to strengthen institutions and reduce corruption.

Politics, democracy & citizenship

We’ve worked with think tanks, public policy bodies and the trade union movement to increase influence and to recruit, retain and engage members.

Poverty & financial exclusion

We want to end poverty in all its forms. From research and report writing to comms and fundraising activities through to PR and events, we've been doing our bit to achieve this goal for the last decade.

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