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How we help

Do you have ambitious goals to achieve? Are you looking to use insight and influence to secure impact? We are here to help.

Does your organisation want to make a difference in the world?  

Do you have expertise and ideas you want to get in front of people?  

Do you know how to reach those who matter? 

A focused, well-planned, well-timed communications strategy can make all the difference to building trust among the people you want to reach. 

Agenda can help you. 

We use insight to understand the opportunities and challenges ahead of you. We’ll review your communications, marketing and fundraising activities, so you can understand what’s working and what’s not.  

We’ll help you craft campaigns to influence those who need to hear about you. We’ll give you skills, knowledge and tools to help you reach bigger and better audiences.  

Working with you, we’ll guide you to significant and sustainable impact. We’ll give communications advice, support and training, designed to increase confidence and capacity, so you and your team achieve your potential easily and effectively. 

It was an absolute pleasure working with Becky on our virtual media delegation to the West Bank. Becky helped us to raise awareness of discrimination facing Palestinians, promote Palestinian voices in the media and build relationships with key journalists.

Recent work