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Our history

Agenda is the new name for Slack Communications.

Our brand refresh comes as we celebrate 10 years of providing strategic communications support for charities, social enterprise and other mission-led organisations. 

What was once a “kitchen table” operation run by Becky Slack is now a thriving international business with “offices” in London and Brussels. Becky has been joined at the helm by Vic Barlow, who brings a wealth of additional and complementary skills. The network of freelancers has grown too – clients have access to a talent pool of more than 25 highly skilled communications professionals.  

Our core mission to help social impact organisations achieve their potential through effective communications and the values behind it are still central to our work today. These days though we’ve refined our offer, bringing in all that we have learnt over the last decade to constantly improve what we do and how we do it.  

And we have learnt a lot. Since 2013, we have worked with more than 100 different clients in seven different countries, delivering hundreds of influential projects.  

Our comms strategies and campaigns have helped the public access vital services, older people stay connected to society and people with rare diseases and life-limiting conditions receive medicines, care and support. We’ve helped charities source funding and finance, entrepreneurs to get much-needed business support, and refugees to get food, housing and legal support.  

We’ve secured coverage in 20 different countries in some of the biggest and best-recognised media outlets, raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for human rights and crisis response charities, and helped the world understand more about the impact of issues such as violence against women, the cost of living crisis, education policy, access to health and social care, the drivers of philanthropy and much more.  

And as we’ve worked, we’ve trained people, built their confidence, shared ways to build capacity and squeezed value of limited resources.  

Every project we’ve completed has offered useful insights, helping us to understand what to do more of, what works best for different audiences and objectives.

It is this knowledge and experience that Agenda will be using to help you unlock the potential in your own communications. 

Find out more about how we can help you.