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Make the most of your manifesto

Got a manifesto? Here’s some advice from Matt Ball, senior associate for strategy and campaigns, on what you can do with it.

6 min read

“You can’t think without a brain”

How often do you consider neuroscience when designing comms strategies and campaigns? Becky Slack, Agenda's co-director, shares a few key insights to help us understand and influence how people think

9 min read

Monthly round up

Calling for investment in the NHS, preparing for the election and challenging harmful narratives kept us busy in April.

3 min read

Monthly round up

We dived into March with election planning, influential stories and our new Comms Lab offer.

3 min read

Monthly round up

Are you curious about what other organisations are doing with their comms? This month, we're featuring exciting rebrands, new websites, and shifting narratives, here’s what happened in February.

3 min read

“I have an exceptional cheerleading squad”

It’s International Women’s Day and it’s also Agenda’s first birthday. Here we talk to our co-founders about being business leaders, their lessons learned and the importance of lifting up those around you.

8 min read

Monthly round up

Strikes, strategies and storytelling success, here’s how we’ve set the agenda for 2024 this January.

3 min read

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