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In conversation with... Ian Leslie

Ian Leslie brings together his own observations and those of conflict experts to tell us we should all be having better arguments – in fact he says the world relies on it.

In conversation with... Ian Leslie, author of Conflicted: Why arguments are tearing us apart and how they can bring us together

Do you tend to avoid conflict at work or in your relationship? Or do you face it head on? Do you know how to have a good disagreement? If you think it's just the one where you win, think again.  

What if everything you knew about arguing was wrong? Instead of pushing us apart, it pulls us together.  

At this ‘In conversation with...’ event we meet Ian Leslie, author of Conflicted, a book that untangles the art of disagreements and the power of a good argument.  

According to Ian: “A disagreement is the best way of thinking we have. It weeds out weak arguments, improves decision-making, leads to new ideas and, counter intuitively, brings us closer to one another.”  

It may not feel like it when society seems increasingly polarised but, according to Ian, humans try and avoid conflict. So how can we have those tough conversations in a productive way? 

Ian draws on the knowledge of conflict experts from hostage negotiators, addiction therapists, divorce mediators and diplomats to scholars of philosophy and communication science. He uses their insights to help us have better, more productive disagreements.  

A former advertising strategist turned acclaimed writer and podcaster, Ian advises on communication and workplace culture. 

If you would like to know the secret to a good argument and how this can be applied to your work, life and relationships: 

Join us for an online Q&A session on Tuesday 21 May at 19:30 GMT. 

Note: The book recently changed its UK title, so it sometimes listed as ‘How to disagree: Lesson on productive conflict at work and home’

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‘Beautifully argued. Desperately needed.’ 
Malcolm Gladwell, author of Talking to Stranger 

"The world will be a better place if everyone reads this book, and because it’s so entertaining they probably will."  Philippa Perry 

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