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Want to manage risk and avoid a comms crisis?

Are you prepared to defend your organisation's greatest asset - its reputation? Preparation is the key to averting a crisis or turning a challenge into an opportunity. Here Vic Barlow, Agenda co-director, explains how we can help.

From undercover exposes of mismanagement and unethical practices, to accusations of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and bullying, via problematic partnerships with celebrities and politicians, we are seeing more and more stories that can throw an organisation into turmoil.  

Handled badly, these situations could have a devastating impact upon your organisation’s greatest asset – its reputation. 

Preparation is key if a crisis is to be averted or minimised. Understanding your areas of risk and having a plan about what to do if it all goes wrong, are essential to protecting your brand, your people, and the communities you serve. 

We can help you identify, prepare for, and react to comms crises. 

To help you negate risks, prevent a minor issue from becoming a catastrophe, and turn challenges into opportunities, we can:  

  • Help you identify potential risks and plan worst-case scenarios 

  • Co-create your crisis comms strategy with your team 

  • Create the messaging and tools your team will need to identify and handle comms risks 

  • Train your team in their roles and responsibilities so everyone knows who does what and why if the proverbial hits the fan  

  • Train your spokespeople so they can handle difficult questions under the glare of the media spotlight 

  • Provide you with 24/7 crisis comms support, should it be needed 

Get in touch to book a workshop, hire our team or just to find out more. 

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